The Genesis of the Apocalypse: Movies of 2018

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  • Dina Khapaeva Dina Khapaeva

Dina Khapaeva, a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Modern Languages, recently wrote an article entitled “The Genesis of the Apocalypse: Movies of 2018” for Discover Society.

Here's an excerpt:

Thinking about the similarities between the 2018 movies featured on IMDb list, what stands out, aside from the overall prevalence of violence and horror? Apocalypse is clearly the theme that runs through the most acclaimed movies of the year.

What makes the secular apocalypse so trendy? Could the mounting popularity of the apocalyptic genre in the 2000s be rationalized as an expression of political and social anxieties, such as environmental problems, world peace insecurity, terrorism etc.? However important, these explanations overlook the cultural factors that may explain the fixation on apocalypse of the millions of readers and viewers.

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