IPaT Thursday Think Tank: What Connected Transportation Tech Means for Our Future

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A podcast listening party and informal Q&A

Driverless cars and connected technology are making headlines across the country. What does this really mean for our future?

At this IPaT Thursday Think Tank, we’ll learn which metro Atlanta communities and companies are, at this moment, testing vehicles that drive themselves and installing “smart” infrastructure. Plus, we’ll look at the potential impact on the ways our communities are mapped, vehicle ownership, ethics, and equity. When tech advances, who benefits?

We’ll listen to an episode of the What’s Next ATL podcast from the Atlanta Regional Commission focusing on connected tech, and then host Kate Sweeney will lead an informal Q&A/open discussion with Debra Lam, Jason Borenstein, and David Haynes.

Jason Borenstein, Ph.D., is the Director of Graduate Research Ethics Programs and Associate Director of the Center for Ethics and Technology. 

David Haynes is Long Range Transportation Plan Manager with ARC’s Transportation Access and Mobility Group.

Debra Lam is the Managing Director of Smart Cities and Inclusive innovation for Georgia Tech.


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