5 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime

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This winter break stay physically active with exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home. “Strength training is where a lot of people look to a gym, but you can get an incredible workout using only your bodyweight, said Campus Recreation (CRC) trainer, Becky James. Check out these five exercises recommended by CRC trainers that you can easily incorporate into your day whether or not you have access to the gym over break:


It’s no surprise that push-ups are one of the most common forms of at-home exercise. “If you want to strengthen your biceps and back muscles, then push-ups are a great go-to exercise,” said James. To do a push-up the right way, first, make sure that that your hands are slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and that your shoulders are right over your hands. Also, while you are working on those push-ups, think about your body making and remaining in a straight line. If you can’t complete a regular push-up, consider starting with wall pushups or push-up from your knees.


“The plank is an effective exercise that targets all of your core while decreasing the amount of pressure on your spine,” said CRC personal trainer Saidah Jones. To achieve a proper plank position, first press-up your forearms. Also, make sure that your back is straight and that your hips are not sagging. A helpful tip is to have a goal on how long you want to hold your plank position for. Challenge yourself and increase your holding position over time.


“Squats are a great leg work out that incorporates several of the major leg muscle groups,” said James. To properly complete a squat, make sure that your feet are about shoulder-width apart and slightly facing out, with your weight on your heels. Also, when bending down, have your thighs parallel to the ground, then drive through your heels to stand up straight.


“Superman is one of the best at-home exercises to strengthen your upper and lower back muscles. It is also one of the number one ways to improve posture," said Jones.To do a superman, start by laying on your stomach. Make sure that your ankles and arms are fully extended. Then, by using your back muscles, bring your chest and legs off of the grown, and hold. Over time, you should increase the amount of time you hold this position.

Reverse Lunges

In addition to squats, reverse lunges are a great way to strengthen your legs. Reverse lunges are known to be one of the safer exercises for the knees as it’s much easier to emphasize glute, hamstring and quad muscles. “This exercise helps take pressure off of the knee joint alleviating knee pain,” said Jones. To perform a proper reverse lunge, begin with your feet shoulder- width apart. Then, step backward with your left leg to land on the ball of your foot with both of your knees at a 90-degree angle. To finish, push through your right heel to return to standing. Continue by switching legs during your reps!

In addition to these exercises, Jones said, “the streets are always open. Nothing can compare to a simple neighborhood walk during the holidays.” No matter where you are this winter break all of these exercises are easy to follow and a great way to stay physically active. If you are interested in having tailored exercises created specifically for you once you are back on campus visit to learn more about personal training at the CRC.


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