Offices for All: Including an Introvert's Perspective

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Moderator: Gabrielle Campiglia, Research Associate, SimTigrate Design Lab

Offices today are made up of many different kinds of people, but when boiled down, often two main categories emerge: introverts and extroverts. Today's offices, especially in the tech industry, seem to radically embrace the open office concept, often using many different design strategies to enhance "collaboration," something that comes very naturally to the extroverts of the world. But where do introverts fit in in the modern office environment? 

There is mixed evidence about the efficacy of many "collaboration enhancing" design strategies on productivity and office culture, so in today's discussion, we would like to hear from the introvert: what makes an office a welcoming and productive place for you? How do you feel about your current office space and how it impacts your workflow? Hosted by the Web of Brilliance Employee Resource Group, let's open a discourse that will allow us to build a more inclusive office space fit for the future.



Gabrielle "Gabby" Campiglia is a research associate with SimTigrate, an interdisciplinary research lab combining concepts of simulation and integration to improve outcomes through the design of cities and buildings. Gabby supports ongoing research projects and developing organizational systems to keep the SimTigrate Design Lab running smoothly, and is passionate about using evidence-based and user-centered design principles to create an inclusive and accessible environment.

About Web of Brilliance:

Web of Brilliance (WoB) is an Employee Resource Group (ERG) within Georgia Tech that promotes the interests of individuals who self-identify as introverts and educates those who work with or otherwise interact with introverts. We provide a forum for introverts to explore and honor their unique gifts, as well as a safe space to examine the quiet nature of their significant contributions. We also provide a safe haven for introverts to explore solutions to challenges introverts may face in extrovert-ideal workplaces, brings active awareness to the impact that introversion and extroversion have on work styles and the Georgia Tech environment, and provides strategies for leveraging a broad range of strengths across the introvert-extrovert spectrum. Not a member yet? Learn more and join the group


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