Phil McKnight Lecture Series Part 4: "Reading in the Digital Age: Booktubers, Fan-readers and Influencers"

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The digital age has introduced significant changes in the way people read. Literary reading has become a social activity, particularly among adolescents interested in youth literature, as evidenced  in the emergence of BookTubers, online fan communities, specialized social networks dedicated to reading and writing, as well as the plethora of fan-fiction communities that have coalesced around popular sagas (Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Twilight, among others). A refashioning of the role of the reader as content-creator has contributed to further blur the distinction between writers, authors, artists, producers and content creators on the one hand, and consumers of content on the other. Prof. Garcia-Roca will examine this cultural trend in specific communities of readers in Spain and Latin America and address its pedagogical implications.


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