Creating the Atlanta Community Engagement Playbook

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Mariam Asad, a doctoral candidate in the Georgia Insitute of Technology School of Literature, Media, and Communication's Digital Media program, and Christopher Le Dantec, an associate professor in the Digital Media program, recently wrote an article for the Atlanta Studies blog about their work designing the Community Engagement Playbook for the City of Atlanta.

Here's an excerpt:

In the summer of 2016, a team of students and researchers from Georgia Tech collaborated with the City of Atlanta, a group of Atlanta residents, and service providers to produce a community engagement playbook for the City of Atlanta. This “playbook” is a collection of best practices – or “plays” – for how to implement effective and impactful civic engagement projects across different city concerns. The goal of the playbook is to increase the capacities of both community associations and service providers to collaborate to achieve authentic and impactful change that represents the needs of Atlantans. Written as a collection of resources, the playbook contains a variety of practices and strategies that can be picked up in part or in whole depending on who’s involved, community needs, and availability of time and resources. Instead of rehashing what we learned about the playbook, which is freely available online, here we’d like to share a little about what we learned about community engagement through the process we used to create the playbook.

Read the full article here.

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