Second edition of Seminar for Women in Math

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The second edition of Seminar for Women in Math will take place Friday, October 26 in room Skiles 006 (SoM address is 686 Cherry st NW, Atlanta, GA). There will be sandwiches served in Skiles 006 at 12:15 pm. The first talk will be given by Christine Heitsch, Georgia Tech. The second talk is by Victoria Powers from Emory University. All are welcome!
Both talks will be accessible and suitable for undergrads.
Please share with your department. More info here: http://pwp.gatech.edu/wiming/2017/07/10/8/.

Friday, October 26, Skiles 006, 

686 Cherry St NW, Atlanta, GA 30311

  12:15 pm: sandwiches

  12:30 pmChristine Heitsch, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Title: From Plato to Pasteur and Beyond: the Combinatorics of RNA Viruses

Abstract: The interface of mathematics and biology has many facets, distinguished by both the biological applications and the mathematical motivations. We discuss here the problem of RNA folding which lies at the intersection of discrete mathematics and molecular biology.  As we will illustrate, new theorems in combinatorics are helping to answer the question, “Is there a cure for the common cold?”  (This short talk will be accessible to undergraduates.)

 1 pm: refreshments, break

 1:10 pmVictoria Powers, Emory University.

Title: The Mathematics and Statistics of Gerrymandering

Abstract: Gerrymandering refers to drawing political boundary lines with an ulterior motive, such as helping one political party or group of voters.  In the US there is a history of manipulating the shapes of legislative districts in order to obtain a preferred outcome. In recent years there have been a number of court cases in which the plaintiffs have used mathematical or statistical ideas to attempt to convince the courts that gerrymandering has occurred.   In this talk we will look at some of these methods and explain how mathematicians, statisticians, and computer scientists are helping in the legal fight against gerrymandering. (this talk will be suitable for undergraduates).


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