LSAT Announces 2019 Digital LSAT

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Digital Transition

  • Transition to digital testing will begin with the July 2019 test

  • LSAT will be fully digital in North America starting September 2019.

  • LSAT will be offered 9 times in the 2019–2020 test cycle to expand candidate access and choice.

  •  At the July 2019 transition test, some test takers will be assigned pencil-and-paper tests, and some will be assigned digital tests, which is a best practice under educational testing standards for moving to a new testing method.

  • To ease the transition, LSAC is also offering July test takers a special option: regardless of format, July test takers will have the opportunity to see their score before they decide whether they wish to cancel it. Those who decide to cancel can choose to retake the test again through April 2020 free of charge.

  • The structure of the test sections and test questions will not be any different than the paper-and-pencil LSAT.

  • The new Digital LSAT will be delivered on a tablet device loaded with patented software developed by LSAC and includes numerous features that will benefit test takers and schools, including faster reporting of scores. 

  • Current LSAT preparation materials can be used to practice effectively.

  • LSAC is committed to accessibility for test takers with disabilities, and the tablet delivery system offers flexible type sizes, built-in screen reader, and other enhancements that will deliver an optimal testing experience for test takers needing such accommodations.

9 Test Administrations starting in 2019-2020

There will be nine LSAT administrations in the 2019–2020 testing year (PDF)—up from six in the current testing year.


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