Creating Global Leaders: Why Your Student Should Study at Georgia Tech-Lorraine

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Georgia Tech-Lorraine (GTL) is Tech’s European campus located in historic Metz, France, just 90 minutes from Paris by train.

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Georgia Tech-Lorraine (GTL) is Tech’s European campus located in historic Metz, France, just 90 minutes from Paris by train. The campus welcomes undergraduates of all majors from Tech, as well as other colleges and universities, in the spring, fall, and summer. GTL also offers masters and PhD programs in engineering.

More than 54 percent of Georgia Tech students have an experience abroad before graduating. GTL is the largest of Tech’s study abroad programs and allows students to stay on track towards their degree by taking Georgia Tech courses taught by Georgia Tech faculty, accompanied by the experience of being abroad and a widened world-view. All courses are taught in English, so students attending GTL do not even need to know French!

“I always knew that I wanted to study abroad while in college and had a special interest in Europe,” said Nataly Granados, an undergraduate in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering. “Looking into the GTL program, it provided me with a central location in Europe and the time to explore many countries I have always wanted to visit. Also, it had course offerings that fit with my degree requirements.”

One of the biggest concerns for most parents with a student hoping to study abroad is the cost. While sending your student abroad is not free, it may turn out to be a way to save some money. For out-of-state students, the cost is less expensive than if the student were to remain on the Atlanta campus. For in-state students, tuition is the same, but housing in France is less expensive. Scholarships are available to students attending GTL; students should check the website for details.

Safety and security is a big priority for Georgia Tech-Lorraine staff. Safety precautions taken on campus include: key fob entry for campus buildings, an on-site nurse several times per week, staff advising and attending to students, a Facebook group to help students to plan to travel in groups, and an app that can track a student’s location in case of an emergency.

GTL provides a safe yet adventurous environment for students to study and explore. It allows for growth and independence as the students learn to navigate new territory, it teaches the students valuable time management skills as they balance study and travel, and it provides a great addition to resumes that demonstrates a student’s ability to adapt to cultural differences.

Applications for spring, summer, and fall 2019 are now open. Please contact Allie Crain, GTL Outreach Coordinator, with any questions.

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