Seven Weeks and Counting… What Now?

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Can you believe it? We are now in the seventh week of the semester! The transition to college can sometimes be challenging. Our goal at the Center for Academic Success (CAS) is to help your student have an enriched and successful experience, and assist you in finding the balance between guiding your student and supporting their independence. Please visit for additional information.

It is officially feedback time – Midterm Progress Reports. If your student is enrolled in 1000- and 2000-level courses, grades are now available to help assess their progress. The information is timed so that there is still time left in the semester to make adjustments if needed. These grades are meant to advise the student and their academic advisor, but do not contribute to a student’s GPA or show up on a transcript. Progress report options are S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory, indicating a performance level of D or lower) and should be based on the completion of at least one graded assignment. 

Do something with this information. Students who would like to do better are encouraged to contact the Center for Academic Success ( to find out what they can do to improve their performance. Connecting with a tutor or academic coach, visiting a professor or TA during office hours, or participating in a workshop or study group can help students turn a rough start into a successful finish.

All our services are free to students. In academic coaching, students meet with one of three trained Learning Specialists for 1-on-1 strategizing about student skills and challenges, including time management, study strategies, note-taking, organization, and motivation. This personalized approach to academic success allows students to take further control of their education and align their habits with those goals. Our workshops — also delivered by learning specialists — cover a similar range of topics in an interactive group setting, creating the opportunity for reflection, dialogue, and actionable steps. Remind your student that help is available! Appointments may be scheduled online at or the student can come into our office and make an appointment there. Our office is in the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, suite 283.


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