Interview with Grad Leaders of SGA

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HSTS Student and Grad SGA Vice President Renee Shelby was recently interviewed, along with Grad SGA President Andrew Cox, about why she chose Tech and what her and Cox plan to accomplish during their term. Read the full story here.

Shelby's segment of the interview has been reproduced below:

Why did you choose Tech?
I study a niche area of sociology — science and technology studies — and there are very few campuses where this is a focus. For example, my dissertation looks at how law enforcement investigation technology shapes people’s experiences after they’ve been assaulted, and how the victims navigate the system. One of my previous mentors at Georgia State had come to Tech to give a talk, and I ended up connecting with some of the faculty. I chose this university because I felt that the faculty would support me, and when you go to grad school that's key to any student’s success. My advisor supports me on and off campus, thinks about the long term, pushes me in the right way, and connects me to other mentors and opportunities on campus. I’m really lucky.

Why did you get involved with Grad SGA?
As a grad student, you're here for so long. Some people are here for seven or eight years, which is a significant amount of time. So, if I'm going to be at an institution for that long, I really want to engage with the community and find ways that I can make it better for my fellow grad students. I want to make things a little bit easier for everyone, because grad school can be stressful. So, last year I ran for a position as a senator and was elected.

What are some things you want to focus on during your time in office?
One project that is really close to my heart is mental health on campus. After the death of Scout Schultz last year, Andrew and I were elected to serve on the committee that oversaw the distribution of funds for mental health services. So, we worked with organizations on campus like the Counseling Center and Health and Well-Being to help them develop programs to better support students. Last year, we also noticed that Grad SGA was a bit inefficient at communication, and we want to correct that. I don't feel confident that the average grad student knows what's happening with our organization and how it works to serve them.  


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