Hinman Courtyard Opening

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Rescheduled for Wednesday, October 17 from 4-6pm!

The new installations in the Hinman Courtyard were each projects that resulted from a pilot Design/Build workshop. The installation features three projects from three semesters of the new School of Architecture workshop. 

The goal of this Design/Build workshop is for students in multidisciplinary teams to engage an environmental design project, moving from a conceptual proposition to a fully realized and built artifact.  It has culminated in a permanent intervention sited at the Hinman Research Building courtyard at the Georgia Tech campus.  It was a three-semester pilot design/build project initiated in the spring of 2017, in collaboration with Institute Capital Planning and Facilities. 

This course sets a precedent for future collaborations between the School of Architecture and Capitol Planning and Facilities.  Student work in prototyping, detailing, fabricating, and erection was feathered into larger scale tasks performed by professional fabricators and contractors.  In addition to the direct content of designing and building, students were introduced to the complexities of scheduling and coordinating venders and professional contractors in working with a state agency.   This was a unique opportunity for students to directly experience the overlap between conceptual thinking and the many practical skills and methods required for realization of a contemporary building project. 

The course instruction was multi-disciplinary with graduate and undergraduate students from the School of Architecture and graduate students from the School of Building Construction.  The design was developed by teams of students under the direction of W. Jude LeBlanc, Associate Professor of Architecture, and Scott Marble, Chair of the School of Architecture, along with Associate Professor Russell Gentry, a structural engineer, and Jacob Tompkins, an industrial designer, and director of the Digital Fabrication Lab.   

Workshop instructors included W. Jude LeBlanc, Russell Gentry, Scott Marble, and Jake Tompkins

Contributing students:

Spring 2017

Sharod L. Bryant, Alexandria M. Davis, Josep Lluis Buades Duran, Roberto Sebastian Bucheli Miranda, Aliza P. Gray, Charles Y. Kim, Paul Petromichelis, Claudia Tansey, Matthew P. Singleton, Nicole Schmeider, Yifeng Sun, Vincent D. Yee

Fall 2017

Ali Abaan, Roberto Sebastian Bucheli Miranda, Rachel d. Cloyd, Bennett M. Crawford, William C. Freeman, Ke Fan, Charles Y. Kim, Matthew P. Singleton, Claudia Tansey, Benjamin A Tasistro-Hart, Aron Weber, Justin Wilson

Spring 2018

Ali Abaan, Roberto Sebastian Bucheli Miranda, Simon Clopton, Bennett M. Crawford, Sweta Dabir, Charles Y. Kim, Hyung Kim, Enrique Maradiaga, Spencer G. Pursley

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