First-Year Students Present at 2018 Freshman Research Internship Exhibition

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On Wednesday, April 1, fourteen first-year students from the Georgia Tech Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts presented their research at the College’s Freshman Research Exhibition in the Student Center at Georgia Institute of Technology. The students are participants in the Ivan Allen College Research Internship Program.

Over the course of the academic year, the students worked as interns in the different schools that constitute the Ivan Allen College. They earned $1,250 per semester. The interns had the opportunity to conduct research on a topic of their interest, develop analytical skills, and present their research through a visual platform. Research topics chosen by the students included nuclear energy policy, social justice, global economics, technology and terrorism, and urbanization.

Students who exhibited their work were as follows. Photos from the exhibit may be viewed at

Anna Iyengar (ALIS), Racial Barriers in the Animated Film Industry, mentored by Kate Pride Brown

Andrew Berry (CM), The Social Effects of Playing Videogames, mentored by Philip Auslander

Destini Deinde-Smith (CM), Characteristics of a Highly Effective College Admissions Video, mentor Elizabeth Miller

Nora Hong (CM), Gender Fluid Character Design, mentor Nassim JafariNaimi

Grayson McAlister (ECON), Exploring the Possibility of Online Courses for Georgia Tech Undergraduate Students, mentor Haizheng Li

Mitchell Gardiner (ECON), Energy and History of Urbanization, mentor Juan Moreno-Cruz

Aiyanna Lowery (EIA), Commonality of PTSD within Resettled Refugees, mentor Daniel Amsterdam

Elizabeth Phillips (EIA), The Intersection of Technology and Terrorism, mentor Olga Shemyakina

Jeramie Paz (HTS), The Anthropology of Education at a Major Institution in the United States, mentor Ken Knoespel

Madison Wickett (IAML), Social Justice and Drugs: Gender and Race, mentor Alberto Fuentes

Bitleigh Vu (INTA) Economics of Tunisia after the Arab Spring and Its Relation to Radicalization; mentor Laura Bier

Emili Sabanovic (INTA), Research on the Norm of Territorial Integrity as an International Law, mentor Mikilus Fabry

Kameron Barrow (LMC), The Defenders – The Thrill of the Uncertain, mentor Jillann Hertel

Colin Masterson (PUBP), U.S. Nuclear Energy Policy, mentor Emanuele Massetti

The Ivan Allen College Research Internship Program is a program offering incoming freshmen an opportunity to work with a faculty mentor and receive a $1,250 grant during the academic year. The program recognizes incoming freshmen with a high school record of academic excellence, visionary leadership, and outstanding public service. To remain eligible for the program, students must continue to pursue a major within the Ivan Allen College.

For more information on the Ivan Allen College Research Internship Program, visit the Research Internship Exhibition website.


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