Petit Institute Biotech Building Lab Clean-Up and Swap-O-Rama

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During the week of June 18-22, 2018, the Petit Institute Biotech Building will host its annual summer clean-up for labs in the bio-complex. We will provide garbage bins so your lab can throw out any supplies that cannot be traded or recycled, or that don't need special attention (see instructions for chemical disposal and supply swapping below).


During our clean-up week, we will have tables set up in the building atrium. Leave items that can be swapped on the tables, let your colleagues know they're there, and smile, knowing that your trash is someone else's treasure. :)

Only items from the Petit Biotechnology Building labs may be donated, but anyone may help themselves to the goodies!

Items that can be swapped include:

  • Intact glassware
  • Unopened plastic ware
  • Non-contaminated materials
  • Old non-inventoried equipment*

*If you have inventoried equipment that you would like to get rid of, please contact Allen Echols with the tag number.

Chemicals, broken glassware and contaminated materials should not be included in this event, but must be disposed of properly. Any items remaining on the tables in the atrium on Friday, June 22 @ 12 noon will be disposed of by Petit Institute/GT facilities.

Chemical Inventory

  • Identify chemicals that must be disposed through Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S).
  • Chemicals that have not been used in the past two years should be identified for disposal.
  • To dispose of chemicals, create a waste card in the "Waste" module of Chematix. Once a waste card has been submitted, EH&S will schedule a pick-up time. Essential information on the waste card must include point-of-contact, location of waste and phone number.
  • If chemicals may be used by other personnel, they can be designated as "Surplus," which allows others to request the chemical and transfer it/them to the requesting lab.
  • Surplus chemicals may be stored in your lab with that designation for two weeks maximum. If no one has claimed the chemicals within this time period, a waste card must be created and submitted to EH&S for disposal.




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