Goodman Presents at Lynchburg College on Civil War America

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On April 12, Seymour Goodman, regents professor in the Nunn School, gave a Turner Distinguished Humanities Chair lecture at Lynchburg College on “Civil War Atlanta: The Long and Steep Descent.”

Goodman was invited by Brian Crim, Turner Distinguished Humanities Chair, and professor in the Lynchburg history department, after meeting him at a history of technology conference in Tel Aviv, Israel.

“Dr. Goodman is a great example of a scholar trained in science and engineering who also maintains a deep interest in history and current events,” said Brian Crim. “His scholarship blends these interests, and I hope students will see how these disciplines inform one another.”

Goodman’s presentation described how Atlanta and all of its people suffered more from war than any other American city before or since.

The following day, he visited the home of the George C. Marshall Center. Marshall was a five-star general during World War II and later served as both secretary of state and secretary of defense under President Harry Truman. Goodman also toured the library on the Virginia Military Institute campus in Lexington, Virginia.

After presenting on Civil War Atlanta and learning more about inspiring historical figures, Goodman encourages every Nunn School student to study the lives of exemplary people who might inspire their values and aspirations.

Seymour Goodman is the director emeritus of the Sam Nunn Security program, and serves as co-director of the Center of International Strategy, Technology, and Policy in the Sam Nunn School. Goodman’s research interests include international developments in information technologies (IT), technology diffusion, IT and national security, critical infrastructure resilience, and related public policy issues.

Learn more about Seymour Goodman on his personal webpage.



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