Dr. Cecilia Montes-Alcala Invited to Speak on Spanglish

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Dr. Cecilia Montes-Alcalá, Associate Professor of Spanish in the School of Modern Languages, was invited to give a lecture entitled “Spanglish Deconstructed: Spanish & English Contact Realities” at the University of Georgia (UGA) on April 13th. Dr. Montes-Alcalá focused on a number of fallacies surrounding so-called Spanglish, explained typical language contact phenomena between English and Spanish, the rules of language mixing and the functions it performs in bilingual communities as well as other misconceptions of what Spanglish is—and is not—and how they influence our perception of the present and future of Spanish in the United States. The event, which was well attended by grad students and faculty from the Romance Languages and the Linguistics Programs, was sponsored by the UGA Wilson Center for Humanities & Arts.


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