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BioE PhD Proposal Presentation- Ruxiu Liu
Times: 2018-09-27 to 2018-09-28, 10:00am-11:59am
BioE PhD Proposal Presentation- Song Ih Ahn
Times: 2018-09-25 to 2018-09-26, 1:00pm-2:59pm
BioEngineering Graduate Committee Meeting
Times: 2018-09-24 to 2018-09-25, 11:00am-11:59am
BioEngineering Program Faculty Meeting
Times: 2018-08-28 to 2018-08-29, 11:00am-11:59am
BioE PhD Proposal Presentation- Sang-Eon Park
Times: 2018-08-15 to 2018-08-16, 3:00pm-4:59pm
BioE MS Thesis Presentation- Kelly Hyland
Times: 2018-07-20 to 2018-07-21, 1:00pm-2:59pm
BioE PhD Defense Presentation- Kirsten Parratt
Times: 2018-07-20 to 2018-07-21, 9:00am-10:59am
BioE MS Thesis Presentation- Jordan Rehwaldt
Times: 2018-07-16 to 2018-07-17, 1:00pm-2:59pm
BioE MS Thesis Presentation- Kyle Milligan
Times: 2018-07-16, 8:30am-10:30am
BioE PhD Defense Presentation- Efraín Cermeño
Times: 2018-06-04 to 2018-06-05, 3:00pm-4:59pm
BioE PhD Proposal Presentation- Mohammad Razavi
Times: 2018-05-17 to 2018-05-18, 3:00pm-4:59pm
BioE PhD Defense Presentation- Ricardo Cruz
Times: 2018-05-16 to 2018-05-17, 2:00pm-3:59pm
BioE PhD Proposal Presentation- Troy Batugal
Times: 2018-05-15, 1:30pm-3:30pm
BioE PhD Defense Presentation- Jose Garcia
Times: 2018-05-14 to 2018-05-15, 2:00pm-3:59pm
5th Annual BioE Day
Times: 2018-05-11 to 2018-05-12, 1:30pm-6:59pm
BioE PhD Defense Presentation- Jason Wang
Times: 2018-04-26 to 2018-04-27, 2:00pm-3:59pm
BioE PhD Defense Presentation- Scott Thourson
Times: 2018-04-19, 10:30am-12:30pm


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