PhD Defense by Timothy S Murphy

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The PhD Defense for Timothy S. Murphy will happen at:

Time: Wednesday, March 28th, starting at 2:05 PM

Location: ESM 101

Title:  "Integrated Tasking, Processing, and Orbit Determination for Optical Sensors in a Space Situational Awareness Framework"

Abstract:   Space situational awareness (SSA) depends on having networks of telescopes taking large numbers of observations of myriad space objects to perform orbit estimation and object characterization. This involves many engineering problems, including choosing search patterns to look for objects, choosing telescope parameters to take the optical data, processing images to look for objects, and turning that information into orbit estimates. In the current state of the art, these technical problems are often treated as insular challenges, and are solved without regard to each other. This dissertation looks at telescope tasking, image processing, and statistical orbit estimation as a single complete problem. This work first analyzes the telescope tasking problem on advanced astrodynamic priors. Next, telescope tasking is analyzed with respect to specific image processing and detection methods. A specific estimation algorithm is used to optimize detection sensitivity. Finally, advanced astrodynamic priors are used to inform further detection methods. The contributions in this work find ways to leverage knowledge of the full SSA problem to make significant improvements on modeling and solving the individual problems. The end result is a more complete SSA system and data stream.



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