Enhancing IT Service and Support to the Institute

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The Office of Information Technology (IT) is delivering a new service model, ITSM (IT Service Management) to change the way IT responds to and delivers services and support to students, faculty and staff. This model provides a process-driven approach to IT services which will add value to the campus when submitting IT requests.

The new platform, which will be used for IT service management, is ServiceNow, a software system already adopted by many colleges and universities as part of their ITSM model. ServiceNow offers a holistic, cloud-based, integrated platform to enhance the customer experience in solving technology issues. It will improve the ability to provide effective and timely communications to customers, offer metrics to monitor and communicate the positive impact of the customer experience, and deliver improved and integrated processes for reporting and tracking activities from the initial customer request to the completed help desk platform, alllowing IT staff to adjust any ticketing issues more quickly.

The first phase of implementing ServiceNow has been complete, and the next phase will include the integration of more modules including collaboration, knowledge management and better service desk solutions among other offerings in the ServiceNow portal.

For updates on the rollout of ITSM and ServiceNow, contact Andrew Dietz, ITSM Manager, Sr.  


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