Jenny Kim is Campus Services Employee Spotlight for Fall 2017!

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Campus Services named Jenny Kim, Campus Services Communications Intern, a Student Spotlight for Fall 2017.

“If I wrote a book about all that Jenny Kim has done for Campus Services since she joined our team, it would not begin to describe everything nor how she has changed and improved Campus Services,” said Melissa Moore, Director of Communications & Public Relations for Georgia tech Campus Services.

“She’s our ‘go-to’ person for all things social media. We didn’t even have a Facebook page until she created ours.”

Just to be specific, that means zero followers three and a half years ago and now, there are 11,299 followers with more than 23,000 views from one of the recent posts – Auntie Anne’s video.

“She has a sixth sense when it comes to social media and how and what to post to get students’ attention,” Melissa added.

“One day she said we should start a student employee award so that we could post to our Facebook page students who go above and beyond as Campus Services student employees,” Melissa said.

“I smile as I write this award nomination because Jenny started the entire Campus Services Student Spotlight awards three years ago.”

But social media is not all this extraordinary employee does. She also plans events, our annual Campus Services Loves Students Carnivale, a Mardi Gras-type event for students with free food, all sorts of giveaways like iPads, $1,000 off spring rent, and Breakfast with President Peterson. She talks with face painters, musicians, massage therapists, and pet therapy companies and arranges for them to participate.

And, where she really shines is orientation – FASET and our Campus Services Expo – where she stands and talks endlessly to new students, parents and guests about the ins and outs of how to be successful at Georgia Tech.

“When our students graduate, we are happy for them and are excited for their career opportunities and successes ready for them to enjoy,” Melissa said.

“However, it is still a bit sad for us because we miss our students we work with and get to know.”

Jenny, know that we will miss you; we are proud of you and extremely happy and appreciative that you took the time to work for us here at Georgia Tech Campus Services.

Read more about Jenny:

  • Position at Campus Services Department
    – Communications Intern for Campus Services
  • Major
    – Business Administration
  • Year in School
    – 5th
  • Hometown
    – Seoul, South Korea
  • How long have you worked in this position?
    – 3.5 years!
  • What are your duties in this position?
    – Managing our social media channels, writing employee spotlight articles and helping plan Campus Services events.
  • What do you like best about working in this position?
    – My favorite part is being able to interact with so many different groups within Campus Services. It makes me grateful to have such dedicated and passionate individuals helping make our school great.
  • How has this position helped you?
    – I’ve been able to do fulfilling work. I love educating the Georgia Tech community about the initiatives and events happening around campus and managing a channel such as our Facebook page, with over 11,000 followers, allows me to provide support for various student and departmental organizations.
  • What have you learned through working here?
    – I’ve learned so much about all the different departments and how they all interact to get things done. It’s been cool to see the changes that’s happened on our campus (i.e. West Village, Amazon in Tech Square, etc.) through the lens of the people who make them happen.
  • Favorite Book?
    – The Stranger by Albert Camus
  • Favorite Restaurant/Food?
    – Ramen!
  • Favorite Spot on Campus?
    – Tech Square. I love being surrounded by so much innovation and technology.
  • Favorite Quotes?
    – Freedom lies in being bold.
  • What do you like to do on the weekends?
    – I love traveling, going to music and art events around Atlanta and relaxing with family and friends.
  • Who is your favorite professor and why?
    – I took Cross-Cultural Management with Dr. Liu, and his passion and kindness for the students showed in every class. He made the class so that I was genuinely excited to go to class every day.
  • What is your favorite class and why?
    – Currently, I’m doing an Independent study focusing on the Impact of Technology on the Service Industry with Dr. Venkateswaran. It’s the first time that I’m able to explore a specific topic that I am extremely interested in.
  • Tell us about some organizations you’re involved with on campus.
    – Undergraduate Operations Management Society (UOMS), WREK 91.1FM (best student-run radio station in the world), Student Centers Programs Council (SCPC)
  • What advice do you have for incoming students?
    – Take advantage of the technology and innovation Georgia Tech has to offer! We live in a constantly changing environment and Georgia Tech offers great preparation for graduates.
  • What would people be surprised to know about you?
    – I went to eight elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools. I was born in South Korea but immigrated to the states in the early 2000s and lived in multiple counties in Georgia as well as in Washington State.
  • Favorite TV show?
    – It’s really hard to pick a favorite of all time, but my favorite TV show in recent years has to be Stranger Things.
  • What will you miss most about Tech after graduation?
    – The people. Tech people are the most passionate and intelligent individuals I’ve ever met. I’m going to miss being around the Georgia Tech community.
  • What are your plans after graduation?
    – In talks with some companies now, I’ll make a decision in the upcoming months.


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