Staying Focused During Finals

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Both finals and winter break are right around the corner. For most Georgia Tech students, this means focus is at a minimum when it needs to be at a maximum. Its crunch time as professors try to fit everything in before the end of the semester, but in the midst of schoolwork, dreading finals, and anticipating a break, how can students stay focused?

Research completed by the Office of Institutional Research and Planning found that Georgia Tech students who frequently visit the Campus Recreation Center (CRC) have higher GPAs and are more likely to return to Georgia Tech the following year. The study also concluded that those who never visited the CRC represented a significant portion of students who had the lowest grade point averages and, more importantly, did not continue school at Georgia Tech! While there are a number of influential factors in the academic performance of our students, data analysis indicates, “that the difference in retention rates are not due to chance alone – frequency of CRC visits does play a role.” For many students, finals make or break students’ grades in their classes, and the CRC is an excellent focus booster in approaching such an important time of the semester.

All classes are FREE during final exams for CRC members – click here to view the schedule. Encourage your student to utilize the CRC in preparation for their finals– their focus will increase, and the studies show that their GPA’s will appreciate it!


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