MS Proposal by Pavithra Manghaipathy

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Pavithra Manghaipathy
(Advisor: Prof. S. Hanagud)

will propose a master’s thesis entitled,

Acceleration and Velocity Feedback Active Controller for Vibration Suppression


Monday, December 4th at 03:00 p.m.
 Weber Building Conference Room 200 A


To prevent failure due to fatigue, especially in high performance vehicles, there is a significant amount of interest in vibration suppression methods with a special focus on active vibration control methods. This proposal demonstrates a vibration controller design, by using a combination of acceleration and velocity feedback along with smart actuators based on piezoelectric stacks in order to address the issue. While several feedback and controller methods exist, this design was chosen to emphasize the benefits of two types of combined feedback viz. acceleration and velocity over single feedback. Noting the work by Caughey & Goh (1983) and Fanson for the controller design process, this proposal aims to perform a stability analysis and validate the use of the method designed by Hanagud & de Noyer (1998); a control method which uses a single point closed loop frequency with specified closed loop damping ratio, thereby offering a method to control the damping. The method also involves perturbing the solutions to find optimum solutions to the given problem. With an aim of also preparing for the future task of designing piezoelectric stack based actuators to obtain needed control authority, using classical control frequency domain analyses, the system has been found to have a stable operating range and initial tests show that the system can indeed be controlled from specified closed loop damping.


  • Prof. Sathyanaraya Hanagud – School of Aerospace Engineering (advisor)
  • Prof. Eric M. Feron – School of Aerospace Engineering
  • Prof. George Kardomateas – School of Aerospace Engineering



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