Cybersecurity Lecture Series with Margaret Loper

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Can Trust Be Delivered as a Service?

Trust is an abstract, multi-faceted and subjective concept. It is difficult to define and identify the fundamentals that establish trust. At the same time, trust is regarded as an essential pillar for our digital economy, our cyber infrastructure and the success of Internet of Things. In this talk, we will review the definition of trust from a multi-disciplinary perspective and summarize characteristics of trust found in the literature. By integrating the diverse perspectives, we can categorize trust into three types based on how trust is established, leveraged and maintained in the real world. The elements that are pertinent to the formation of trust and to the foundations for provisioning Trust as a Service will be discussed.

Margaret L. Loper, Ph.D., is an associate director of the Institute for Information Security & Privacy (IISP) for the area of trust research, and chief scientist of the Georgia Tech Research Institute's Information and Communications Laboratory (ICL). Her current research is in the area of computational trust algorithms for machine-to-machine communications. Loper also teaches simulation courses for both academic and professional education, and she is involved in projects that bring modeling and simulation into K-12 education.

She has been involved in modeling and simulation for more than 30 years, specifically focused on parallel and distributed systems. Loper has led projects on compliance testing and federation testing, as well as the interoperability of live, virtual and constructive systems. Previous work in casual ordering focused on improving performance of synchronization algorithms by exploiting temporal uncertainty of simulation events. Past projects at Georgia Tech included the Department of Defense High-Level Architecture Federate Testing project, which consisted of the process, tools, and procedures used for HLA compliance and the HLA Federation Verification Tool used to assist federation developers during federation integration. Other projects included the M&S WebBook, Distributed Interactive Simulation Standards Development, and DIS compliance test procedures and tools.


The Cybersecurity Lecture Series at Georgia Tech is a free, one-hour lecture from a thought leader who is advancing the field of information security and privacy. Invited speakers include executives and researchers from Fortune 500 companies, federal intelligence agencies, start-ups and incubators, as well as Georgia Tech faculty and students presenting their research. Lectures are open to all -- students, faculty, industry, government, or simply the curious.

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