PhD Proposal by Elizabeth Campbell

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    • Monday November 6, 2017
      1:00 pm - 3:01 pm
  • Location: IBB 1128 (Georgia Institute of Technology)
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Summary Sentence: Crosslinking activated immune cells with tumor cells using a novel Janus particle platform

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Elizabeth Campbell

PhD Proposal Presentation


Date: November 6, 2017

Time: 1-3pm

Location: IBB 1128 (Georgia Institute of Technology)



Advisor: Todd A. Sulchek, PhD

Edmund K. Waller, MD, PhD

Krishnendu Roy, PhD

Edward A. Botchwey, PhD

Gabe A. Kwong, PhD


Title: Crosslinking activated immune cells with tumor cells using a novel Janus particle platform


Abstract: Although CD8+ T cells commonly migrate to solid tumors, cancer cells suppress and evade these cells through a variety of intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms. As a result, recruited cytotoxic T cells are rendered anergic or apoptotic and are thus ineffective at killing cancer cells. Cancer is traditionally treated using chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery; however, these treatments are often unsuccessful alone and are usually used in some combination – resulting in numerous side effects. Antibody therapy, include PD-L1 blockade, has shown great promise but only a subset of cancer patients respond to treatment. We have developed a novel particle platform capable of two distinct biological functions. The overarching hypothesis of the proposed research is that physically crosslinking and activating CD8+ T cells with cancer cells will enhance cytotoxicity. We will optimize a particle to maximize T cell activation and subsequent cytotoxicity. This will inform the design of our engineered Janus particle capable of specifically targeting cancer cells and physically crosslinking T cells and selected cancer cells. Enhanced particle-mediated T cell cytotoxicity will be assessed for specificity and efficacy using in vitro co-cultures

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