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The English Opens Doors Program has opened the application process for its 2018 volunteer services to teach English in Chilean public schools!

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The English Opens Doors Program’s Volunteer Initiative, is a fee-free opportunity from the Chilean Ministry of Education, supported by the United Nations Development Programme-Chile. The English Opens Doors Program is seeking native and near-native English speaking volunteers (above the age of 21) to teach English in coordination with Chilean teachers of English in public schools throughout Chile.

Volunteers will work independently with students from 11 to 18 years old, and no previous teaching experience is needed to apply!

English Opens Doors Program volunteers spend approximately 35 hours per week focusing on developing students’ communicative abilities in English using a dynamic teaching style, facilitating intercultural exchange, and generally making English fun to learn! Volunteers will gain real teaching experience in a Latin American country through a United Nations sponsored program, while simultaneously learning (or improving their) Spanish-language abilities and getting to know an incredible country with a wealth of cultural and geographical beauty. More importantly, the English Opens Doors Program will give volunteers the opportunity to make a positive impact in a public school community, and to change their own lives in the process.

More info at http://www.centrodevoluntarios.cl/

 Click here for more specific information regarding our 2018 volunteer application process.


If you would like to speak to a former volunteer of the English Opens Doors Program to hear about their experience, with a program staff member to further discuss  volunteer opportunities via Skype or email, email Stephanie.hairgrove@mineduc.cl.

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