SCL IRC Seminar: Additive Supply Chains

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The Supply Chain and Logistics Institute hosts a series of monthly seminars open to interested faculty, students and corporate partners as well as the general public. If you are interested in attending any of the sessions, please review the below information and register online.

Additive Supply Chains
Suman Das
RSVP by October 20, 2017

Additive manufacturing (AM) technologies build parts directly from digital data without any specialized or custom tooling. In the AM approach, a 3-D blueprint for an item can be downloaded from the cloud, and the item can be constructed immediately on-site, using 3-D printing equipment and feedstock materials. AM eliminates multiple time-consuming and expensive steps while significantly simplifying goods transport. AM will thus eliminate or reduce multiple supply chain tiers. The global supply base and the manufacturing landscape will be dramatically impacted through the increasing industrial adoption of AM. In this session, we will discuss the evolution of AM, some recent applications, and its impact as it relates to logistics and supply chain.

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