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If you are going to or already have opened an account with the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), please consider aiding Georgia Tech Pre-Law Advising by providing permission for LSAC to release certain information about you.  If you've done so already, thank you!


What information is released?

The following information is released only to pre-law advisor(s) at your degree granting institution.

  • first and last name
  • LSAC forum attendance
  • all LSAT scores and dates taken
  • email
  • date of birth
  • last 4 digits of your social security number
  • undergraduate GPA
  • undergraduate major and date degree conferred
  • law schools applied to and submission dates
  • final decision/matriculation


What information is not released?

Your full social security number, address, phone number and other personal information are not released. Application materials (transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) are also not released to advisors. Pre-Law advisors agree to confidentiality and in no case are allowed to release the reports, even with names, email addresses, phone numbers, and date of birth removed.


Why is having this information helpful?

Advisors can do different things with the information. Some examples are:

  • Gain insight into which schools students and alumni consistently apply to in order to foster relationships with those law schools and recruiters  
  •  Connect with those who have taken the LSAT and who haven't met with an advisor already to offer support through the application process
  • Provide more accurate answers to often asked questions such as:
    • How many Tech students and alumni apply to law school?
    • What is the mean LSAT score?
    • Where do Tech students and alumni get accepted most often?
    • Which majors apply to law school?
    • What is the mean GPA of an applicant from Tech?
  • Seek out information from applicants that is not provided by LSAC such as how much scholarship money is awarded overall to Tech students and alumni
  • Celebrate successes for Tech students and alumni more accurately and more often


I want to help! How do I release my information?

Under your profile in LSAC, go to the “Prelaw/Academic” section and find “Prelaw Advisor Information.” You can then select yes to release your information. The default answer is no.

If you already have a current LSAC account (valid for 3 years after you register for a LSAT), you can change your selected option to release the information.


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