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Are you struggling with analyzing large amounts of DNA or RNA sequence data? Are you curious about some new program X that claims to analyze your data better and faster than every other available program? Do you wish you could tap into the bioinformatics knowledge of experts right here at Georgia Tech?

Announcing the start of monthly bioinformatics user group for students and postdocs at Georgia Tech who are interested in discussing, sharing, and teaching bioinformatics theories and methods. The group will be an informal and welcoming forum for people to bring ideas, questions, and lessons on all things bioinformatic. Organizers will run tutorials on some of the most commonly used programs and facilitate discussions on the benefits and drawbacks of different methods, with a focus on the biggest knowledge gaps and community needs. Early subjects will be heavily biased towards microbial ‘omics due to the expertise of the organizers. However, as the series evolves we hope to expand to eukaryotic genomics and RNA-Seq. Topics may include (but are not limited to): 16S rRNA gene amplicon analysis, metagenome analysis and genome binning, genome assembly, metatranscriptome analysis, and visualization tools for presenting your data in an informative and attractive way. Suggestions for topics are very welcome!!

The first meeting will be a brainstorming session to get a sense of what people would like to learn about or discuss in future meetings. The time and location may also change for future meetings. Please contact Dr. Nastassia Patin at npatin3@gatech.edu for questions or concerns.


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