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The College of Computing is excited to announce that we will again offer an innovative and new, online section of our CS 1301 "Introduction to Computing" course this fall. Taught by David Joyner, adjunct faculty in the College of Computing and instructor of record for multiple OMS CS courses, the lecture portion of this section will be completely online on the edX platform, with weekly TA recitations for those who wish to attend. The course will be powered by SmartBook technology -- research-driven machine intelligence that weaves together learning and assessment, resulting in a personalized learning pathway -- created by McGraw-Hill Education.


About the Course

CS 1301 O1 - Introduction to Computing Using Python

CS 1301: Introduction to Computing using Python is Georgia Tech's first class in undergraduate computer science. The online version (CS 1301 O1) replicates the content of the on-campus course while taking new advantage of the online medium and being highly interactive. The course is broken up into three components: the content structure, the course topics, and the delivery style.

First, the course delineates the content into three domains: foundational computing principles, taught in a programming language-neutral way; programming concepts in python that demonstrate those computing principles; and domain applications that use those concepts and principles in real applications. Second, the course's four main topics: computing foundations, procedural programming, control structures and data structures, plus a preview of the next topics of the program's next two classes. Third, the course builds on a custom textbook written for the class and online course delivery, with each providing ample interaction and formative evaluation. In this way, the class teaches both the theory and implementation of core computing concepts in a highly interactive, multi-modal manner.

This course will offer TA assistance as well as weekly recitations, led by TA's, for students who wish to attend. Dr. Joyner and Dean Zvi Galil will attend the first recitation, to meet the students taking this new offering. After that, Dr. Joyner will meet with the students during a midterm recitation and a final recitation. 

The SmartBooks for the pilot will be provided on a free of charge basis by McGraw-Hill Education.


About the Instructor

David Joyner is an adjunct lecturer at the College of Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology. He received his BS in CS, his MS in Human-Computer Interaction, and his PhD in Human Centered Computing all from Georgia Tech. David created LucyLabs, an online research lab for educational technology. He is known for his award-winning course instruction in the College of Computing's online Master of Science in Computer Science (OMS CS) degree program, including the instruction of CS 7637: Knowledge-Based AICS 6460: Educational Technology, and CS6750: Human-Computer Interaction


Areas of Expertise:

Learning in Large, Closed, Online Classrooms

Learning Science & Technology

Artificial Intelligence for Education·


How to Register for this Course

OMS CS has proven a tremendous success and we are offering a similar online learning environment to those undergraduate students who wish to participate. CS1301-o1 is more than a “flipped classroom” - this is one of the first opportunities for Georgia Tech on-campus students to take a course online.


Registration for this course will occur during normal student registration phases.Those who register for the online offering of CS 1301 will be afforded an opportunity early in the semester to transfer to a traditional classroom section, should they wish to do so.


Have Questions? 

If you are interested in registering for this course and have questions, or have previously registered and need assistance, please direct all questions and inquiries to Katie Raczynski,


You can also explore our Online CS 1301 Course Offering - FAQ page. This page answers a number of commonly asked questions about the new online course offering.


Preview the Course

If you are considering registering for the online CS 1301 course, you can view a number of videos of course material on the GT Computing Youtube playlist for Online CS 1301 - Course Sample Videos.



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