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Recent promotions in the School of Mathematics: Dr. Sung Ha Kang promoted to Full Professor, and Dr. Michael Damron and Dr. Josephine Yu promoted to Associate Professor

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Congratulations go out to Dr. Sung Ha Kang, Dr. Michael Damron, and Dr. Josephine Yu for their recent promotions in the School of Mathematics.

  • Sung Ha Kang Sung Ha Kang
  • Josephine Yu Josephine Yu
  • Michael Damron Michael Damron

Promotion to Full Professor:

Dr. Sung Ha Kang works in applied mathematics, specifically in variational approaches to image processing, with various applications such as image denoising, debarring, imaging through turbulence, curvature based models, image segmentation and optimization. Following a PhD in Applied Mathematics from UCLA, she held an Assistant Professorship at University of Kentucky. In 2008 she joined Georgia Tech, where her research has been supported through NSF, the Simons Foundation, and the CoS Cullen-Peck Award. She has supervised 16 undergraduates, 2 PhDs, and 3 postdocs, and has held leadership roles in the GT-Math and Applications Portal and the Computational Science and Engineering program.

Promotions to Associate Professor

Dr. Michael Damron’s research is in probability theory and mathematical statistical mechanics, specifically in the areas of percolation, random growth models, spin systems, and symbolic dynamics. Following his Ph.D. at the Courant Institute at NYU, he held postdoctoral and instructor appointments at Princeton, and was an Assistant Professor at Indiana University. In 2015, he joined Georgia Tech, where his research has been supported through NSF grants, including an NSF CAREER grant, and the LexisNexis Dean’s award of GT. He has supervised 8 undergrads, 2 Ph.D. students, and 2 postdocs.

Dr. Josephine Yu's research is in combinatorics and computational algebraic geometry. In particular she studies how discrete properties of a system of polynomial equations determine geometric or topological properties of the solution set. Her recent work has applications in economics and causality. Following a PhD in mathematics from UC Berkeley, Dr. Yu held a Clay Math Institute Liftoff Fellowship and an NSF postdoctoral research fellowship and an instructorship at MIT. In 2010 she joined Georgia Tech, where her research has been continuously funded by NSF. She has supervised eleven undergrads and two PhD students at Georgia Tech.

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