Kate O’Neill selected as July Employee of the Month

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“She handles last-minute requests with grace, maintaining a positive and professional attitude,” the July Campus Services Employee of the Month – Kate O’Neill.


And, Kate is so much more.


A Campus Recreation (CRC) employee since September 2014, Kate has done an outstanding job since day one. As Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications, she shoulders the bulk of the work of creating, promoting and managing all of the marketing mediums for each and every CRC program. This includes, but is not limited to, the CRC website, social media outlets, print media (flyers, banners, brochures, postcards, business cards and more), t-shirts, promotional items for events, parent and staff newsletters and so much more.


“Kate tackles each project head on and produces phenomenal results each and every time,” said Michael Edwards, senior director, Campus Recreation.


During the past year, Kate has been working double duty with the CRC and Health & Well-Being. With the creation of branding for Health & Well-Being. Dr. Suzy Harrington, executive director, Health & Wellbeing, looked to Kate for leadership in the creation of the Health & Well-Being Strategy Model.


“I want to thank you, especially for the Model and the Health & Well-Being website,” said Suzy.


Most recently, Kate has worked tirelessly on another website as well. She transferred the entire CRC website – and its 50+ pages of content – to a new website platform, Drupal. This transformation has taken countless hours of moving content, building new pages, taking numerous new photos and revising pages and page of information so the new website can be a dynamic representation of Campus Recreation.


Kate has done this herculean feat all while maintaining other deadlines such as the producing the Fall and Spring Program Guides, creating and promoting individual area events, working on huge marketing projects for the NCAA, ACC, and GHSA swim meets (to name a few), and creating new marketing materials for the Office of Health & Well-Being.


She even found the time to co-chair the marketing committee for a regional conference for the National Intramural Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) this past fall as well as be part of several committees on campus.


And she has just finished another piece – the 2016 CRC Strategic Impact.


“Kate has been very hard at work,” said Paul Strouts, vice president, Campus Services. “The CRC Strategic Impact is an excellent piece. I want to give to some of the executives here at Georgia Tech copies of it. I was very impressed with this piece.”


Thank you, Kate, for your hard work and for being a role model for other Campus Services’ employees who strive to become Employees of the Month!


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