Paul Verhaeghen On Presence: The Science of Mindfulness and Meditation

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This event is organized by the Atlanta Science Tavern.

Mindfulness and one of the roads to it, meditation, have become increasingly popular as a way to promote health and well-being. Meditation can create mindfulness in daily life, which becomes an ingrained habit if applied consistently--it can boost immune function; lower levels of stress, anxiety, or depression; lift affect; regulate emotion more easily; and make you happier.

In this presentation, Georgia Tech Professor of Psychology Paul Verhaeghen, will give an overview of what goes on inside the brain during meditation, how it leaves telltale lasting traces in brain structure, and how it impacts important areas of life such as well-being, stress, and health.

Paul's most recent book on the subject, Presence: How Mindfulness and Meditation Shape Your Brain, Mind, and Life, was released this past March.


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