Pablo Laguna at Stephen Hawking's 75th Birthday Bash

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An international conference, entitled "Gravity and Black Holes," marking the 75th birthday of Stephen Hawking, will be held at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge, UK, in July 2017. This meeting will discuss recent advances in gravitational physics and cosmology, and the exciting future of this field following the recent direct detection of gravitational waves. School of Physics Chair Pablo Laguna will deliver a lecture on "The Kicking of Black Holes" on July 4, 2017. Here's a complete list of conference speakers: Bruce Allen (Max Planck Institute) Raphael Bousso (Berkeley) Mihalis Dafermos (Cambridge) Gary Gibbons (Cambridge) Gabriela González (LSU)  James Hartle (UCSB) Thomas Hertog (Leuven) Gary Horowitz (UCSB) Theodore Jacobson (Maryland) Renata Kallosh (Stanford) Eiichiro Komatsu (Max Planck Institute) Pablo Laguna (Georgia Tech) Andrei Linde (Stanford) Viatcheslav Mukhanov (Munich) Hiranya Peiris (UCL) Harald Pfeiffer (Toronto) Frans Pretorius (Princeton) Douglas Stanford (IAS) Jeff Steinhauer (Technion) Andy Strominger (Harvard)


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