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  • INTA BS/MS alumna Erum Jilani INTA BS/MS alumna Erum Jilani

Nunn School BS/MS alumna Erum Jilani’s report, “Next Steps for the U.S. - Australia - Japan Trilateral Defence Relationship” was published by the United States Studies Center at the University of Sydney.

Jilani served as a senior regional policy advisor on Asian and Pacific Affairs at the United States’ Office of the Secretary of Defense


The Asia-Pacific region is facing a raft of geopolitical challenges. North Korea is ascending the nuclear ladder, China’s influence in Southeast Asia is growing, as is uncertainty about China’s commitment to the international rules-based order. Amidst this, the United States, Australia, and Japan partnership is uniquely placed to champion international rules and norms, demonstrate deterrence, and build security capacity throughout the region. This trilateral is now more important than ever and it is critical that its members strengthen and invest in their relationship, as well as continue to demonstrate its role in stewarding peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific.

Each partner has good reason to approach the region’s challenges through a trilateral lens. For the United States, involving Australia and Japan in collectively responding to the peaceful rise of China and deterring increasingly provocative actions from North Korea is essential to any regional strategy

For the full report, read here.

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