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Coming soon! an event showcasing Interactive works, computational music installations, and tech-augmented performance from the Tech Arts Practicum (TAP) Studio at Georgia Tech in collaboration with Eyedrum and local artists Mary Stuart Clark, Bella Dorado, & Jessica Anderson.

This event will have two showings:
Saturday, May 6 from 7-11pm
Sunday, May 7 from 2-5pm
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Located at the Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery: 88 Forsyth St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303
Funded by the Ivan Allen College DILAC and GT FIRE programs.

Professor Brian Magerko an Associate Professor of Digital Media and one of main facilitators behind the event tells us more about the projects that will be featured:

“We have five projects from a collaboration with GT students and Eyedrum. The projects are roughly described as follows, which will be presented as a curated event at the Eyedrum gallery on graduation weekend:

1. A timed dance performance (multiple times in the event) that is augmented by projected visualizations of the dancer and audience movements.

2. A participatory experience that is an animatronic, AI-based interpretation of the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter that participants can take turns using and having a conversation with tht helps actually ‘sort’ them into a HP house.

3. The Sound Happening project, which was a winner at the Clough Student Art Crawl recently. This is a ridiculously cool bouncy ball room where music is generated by what is going on with the bouncy balls (think the cool big piano in Big, but the instruments are the balls bouncing around the room instead). It is insanely cool.

4. A VR installation that is difficult to describe, but coooooool.

5. A project that visualizes an abstract illustration that is an interpretation of the story being told by participants around a story circle. This is a nice design with projection done on rice paper that should look great.

We will also have a project from Michael Nietsche’s project studio, the Drawing Apprentice from Nick Davis’ team turned into an interactive robotic exhibit where you can literally walk away with a drawing you’ve done with the AI, plus the new and improved improv dance installation, the LuminAI dome (2.0), on the rooftop.”

Prof. Magerko also reports that this event is free and open to all! and invites Tech students bring their family and friends to enjoy some tech and art collaboration over refreshments!


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