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SCS Recruiting Seminar

How to Prove the Correctness of Computations

Abstract – Much of the focus in cryptography has shifted from the classic goals of securing communication to securing computation. As a result, authenticating the correctness of computations has emerged as a central challenge in this new frontier.

This talk highlights new generic techniques that allow clients with limited computational resources, such as smartphones or tablets, to outsource expensive computations to powerful, but untrusted, servers, and to verify the correctness of the results. These techniques ensure an extremely efficient and inexpensive client verification process, and they limit server overhead.

Bio –  Ron Rothblum completed his Ph.D. at the Weizmann Institute of Science in 2015, advised by Professor Oded Goldreich.

His dissertation, titled Verifiable Outsourcing of Computation, received the John F. Kennedy Ph.D. Distinction Prize and the Shimon Even Prize in Theoretical Computer Science.

He is currently a postdoctoral associate at MIT. His research is focused on cryptography and theoretical computer science in general.


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