Workshop on Dynamical Systems

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GT MAP sponsored "Workshop on Dynamical Systems" to mark the retirement of Prof. Shui Nee Chow.

After nearly 30 years at Georgia Tech, Prof. Shui Nee Chow has officially retired.  This workshop will see several of his former students, post-docs, and friends, coming together to thank Shui Nee for his vision, service, and research, that so greatly impacted the School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech.

The workshop will be held in the Klaus building Room 1447.  Poster can be found HERE.


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Tentative Schedule and  PROGRAM  >

Thursday August 10

 8:30-  9:00   Coffee

 9:00-  9:10    Welcome by COS Dean Paul Goldbart

 9:10-  9:50   Erik Van Vleck (Kansas) on "Projected Data Assimilation and Applications"

 9:50- 10:30   Wenzhang Huang (Alabama in Huntsville) on "Global dynamics of a ratio-dependent Holling-Tanner Predator-prey system"

10:30-11:00   Coffee

11:00-11:25    Wuchen Li (UCLA) on "Dynamical system on finite graphs"

11:25-12:05   Wenxian Shen (Auburn) on "Transition Fronts in Nonlocal Dispersal Evolution Equations"

12:05- 1:30    Lunch

 1:30- 2:10   John Mallet-Paret (Brown) on "Some Generic Properties of Delay-Differential Equations"

 2:10- 2:35   Sung Ha Kang (GT Math) on "Path optimization for surveillance"

 2:35- 3:00   Chongchun Zeng (GT Math) on "Instability, index theorems, and exponential dichotomy of Hamiltonian PDEs"

 3:00- 3:30   Coffee

 3:30- 4:10   Eric Carlen (Rutgers) on "Operator inequalities, Non-commutative Probability and Quantum Statistical Mechanics"

 4:10- 4:35   Conceicao (Sao) Carvalho (Lisboa, Portugal) on "Quantum Master Equations in Kinetic Theory"

 4:35- 5:00   Rafael de la llave (GT Math) on "Manifolds on the verge of a hyperbolicity breakdown"


Friday August 11

 8:30-  9:00   Coffee

 9:00-  9:40   Konstantin Mischaikow (Rutgers) on "How to rigorously solve \dot{x} =? "

 9:40-10:20  Weishi Liu (Kansas) on "Analysis of ion channel problems"

10:20-10:45 Rachel Kuske (GT Math) on "Stochastic averaging for multiple scale models driven by fat-tailed noise"

10:45-11:15  Coffee

11:15-11:55  Todd Young (Ohio) on "Dynamics of Tensor Approximation in Narrow Valleys"

11:55-12:20  Cinzia Elia (Bari, Italy) on "On periodic orbits of discontinuous dynamical systems"

12:20- 2:00  Lunch

 2:00- 2:40   Bo Deng (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln) on "Conductance-resistance symmetrical model for neurons"

 2:40- 3:05   Howie Weiss (GT Math) on "Antibiotic Cycling: A cautionary tale"

 3:05- 3:30   Coffee

 3:30 - 4:10  Kening Lu (Brigham Young University) : SRB measure and Horseshoe for infinite dimensional dynamical systems.

 4:10- 4:35   Evans Harrell (GT Math) on "What does the average eigenvalue know?"

 4:35- 5:15   Jim Yorke (Maryland) on "What's the point ?"

We look forward to seeing you there.



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