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1. Time tickets were released at 6PM on Friday, 3/24.  Log in to OSCAR to check when your registration window opens. 2. Registration for summer and fall runs through May 19th.  There is no Phase II registration for summer classes.  Phase II registration for fall classes is August 12 - 25.  Only new, incoming first year and transfer students will have a registration period between May 19 - August 12. 3. CourseOff is cool and handy!  CourseOff makes charts to visually see your schedules!  We love CourseOff!  EXCEPT WHEN IT'S WRONG.  CourseOff is a helpful tool that is *not* run by Georgia Tech.  It frequently has errors and omissions.  Plan your schedule in OSCAR and then you can use CourseOff to map it out.  Discrepancy between the two?  OSCAR is correct. 4. If you are a first year student (regardless of how many credit hours you have), on warning, or on probation, you have an advising hold on your account.  You will not be able to register unless you come in for an advising appointment.  Already done that?  Awesome!  It was nice to see you and you're advising hold has been lifted.  Haven't done that?  You won't be able to register when your time ticket opens.  Please make an appointment at 5. Want to graduate in summer or fall 2017?  You must complete an online application for graduation.  All of the instructions on how to do this are online.  Go to and click on the "Apply to Graduate" tab.  For summer graduation, the OAG must be completed by May 26th.  For fall graduation, the OAG must be completed by August 25th.


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