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Georgia Tech-Lorraine, Georgia Tech’s campus in Metz, France, now offers an expanded curriculum of IAC courses! Visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Tour BMW and Airbus headquarters. Visit WWI and WWII historical sites. Explore Europe independently on 3-day weekends. Immerse yourself in French language and culture. Develop the cultural sensitivity skills and global competencies necessary to succeed in the global marketplace. Become a global citizen!

HTS majors will find expanded numbers of HTS electives will be offered at GTL in the upcoming academic year. For a glimpse at the kind of activities you'll be doing in class, check out HTS 2084's visit to Toulouse:…

GTL now offers the following Ivan Allen College courses:

INTA 2221: Politics in the European Union
INTA 2220: Government and Politics in Western Europe
INTA 3050: The Meaning of Global Citizenship
HTS 2100: Industrial Regions of Europe
HTS 3080: History of Rocketry
HTS 2037: 20th Century Europe: Science, Technology, and Postwar European Integration
HTS 2084: Technology and Society
ECON 2101: Global Economics
FRENCH 1001, 1002, 2001, 3014

Course details and information on faculty can be found in the attached document.


For details, contact Program Director Dr. Vicki Birchfield at


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