PhD Proposal by Ni Su

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    • Monday March 20, 2017 - Tuesday March 21, 2017
      9:00 am - 10:59 am
  • Location: Video conference (Atlanta) / Founder Building, Rm.301(Beijing)
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Summary Sentence: Mesenchymal stem cell membrane/exosome coated bioscaffolds for immune-mediated regeneration.

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Ni Su

PhD Proposal Presentation


Date: Monday, March 20th (Atlanta) / Tuesday, March 21th (Beijing)

Time: 9:00 PM (Atlanta) / 9:00 AM (Beijing)

Location: Video conference (Atlanta) / Founder Building, Rm.301(Beijing)


Committee Members:

Ying Luo, PhD (Advisor, PKU-BME)

Krishnendu Roy, PhD (Co-advisor, GT-BME)

Huaiqiu Zhu, PhD (PKU-BME)

Haifeng Chen, PhD (PKU-BME)

Lemin Zheng, PhD (PKU-Health Science Center)



Mesenchymal stem cell membrane/exosome coated bioscaffolds for immune-mediated regeneration.



The immune system, best known as the first line of defense against invading pathogens, is also responsible for tissue development, homeostasis, and wound repair. Both innate and adaptive immune responses participated in tissue repair, such as alternatively activated macrophage, type2 T helper cells, regulatory T cells etc. Previously, immune responses to biomaterials were related to rejection, however, with the recognition that the subsets of immune cells are important mediators of regeneration, it’s a promising strategy to utilize the immune response to biomaterials targeting immune-mediated tissue regeneration. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are multipotent adult stem cells that providing promising repair/regenerative modalities in many diseases through their secretomes. Especially, MSCs exhibited the properties of anti-inflammation through the paracrine products and cell-cell contact with the immune cells. Here, we would like to develop a scaffold with large pores for immune cells engraftment in vivo. The scaffolds would be modified with MSC membrane/exosomes to further educate scaffold-recruited immune cells towards regenerative state. We hypothesize that this MSC exosome/membrane coated bio-scaffolds would generate a pro-regenerative micro-environment by tuning the response of the immune cells and thus benefit the process of regeneration. 

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