Mid-term Progress Reports

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Your student recently received mid-term progress report grades for any 1000- and 2000-level courses. For some students, this is a great affirmation that they are on the right track. For others, it is a warning that they need to do something different. Regardless of where your student is, we are six weeks into the semester, and there is still enough time to turn things around and meet your goals.


Generally speaking, a grade of Satisfactory (S) indicates a performance at the level of C or better; a grade of Unsatisfactory (U) indicates a performance at the level of D or F. Please know that an instructor may assign a U to indicate possible trouble (because of poor attendance or low quiz grades), even for students who are not yet failing.

What should your student do if they have a midterm U?

  • Schedule an appointment with their academic advisor. The advisor will help the student figure out next steps. The advisor will require that your student visit if your student has more than one mid-term U. Sometimes students are tempted to ignore this, but this is a bad idea. They should see the advisor as soon as possible in order to avoid registration holds. An advisor can also advise students regarding the consequences of dropping a class.
  • Your student should use campus resources:
  • Other campus resources that may be of value to your student are the Learning Assistance Program, Communications Center, Counseling Center, and the Center for Career Discovery and Development. Click on the various links at for additional information.
  • Participate in online or in-person workshop. For a list of upcoming in-person workshops, go to or go to for online workshops.

Encourage your student to use the free services that are available to help them achieve their goals. Are they unsatisfied with a grade? The Center for Academic Success can help! Visit to learn more or have your students stop by The Center for Academic Success, located in Clough Commons in Room 283, is open throughout the week and even on Sundays. Encourage your student to stop by and maximize their potential!


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