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UROP has recently selected a group of undergraduate research students to serve as ambassadors to those who are interested in getting started with research. However, there are currently no Research Ambassadors from the Ivan Allen College. Here is a decription of what being a Research Ambassador entails:

"The Undergraduate Research Ambassadors (URA) Program aims to provide support to students involved in labs associated with Georgia Tech, as well as inspire incoming students and underrepresented populations to get involved.

As one of the best research institutes in the World, one of Tech’s goals should be to promote research and provide workshops and resources for its students. The URA program currently has 5 committees, the Research Fair Coordination, Office Hours and Seminar, External Funding, PR/Communications and the Webmaster Committees.

Each committee focuses on different initiatives and ambassadors are required to be active in one committee, but are free to involve themselves in as many as they would like to contribute to. Committees meet once a week for about an hour and individuals are expected to complete assignments outside of their meetings.

There are also bi-weekly meetings lead by the URA advisor Allyson Tant and a weekly student run meeting. All ambassadors are expected to attend the bi-weekly meetings, but only one person from each committee must attend the weekly student meetings, to make sure committees are on the same page and making progress on their initiatives."

If you are interested in representing the Ivan Allen College as a URA, please contact Allyson Tant ( for more details about the program and how to get involved.


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