Dean’s Statement Concerning the U.S. Administration’s Recent Executive Order

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To the College of Sciences Community at Georgia Tech:

I write to you as an immigrant who has devoted a career to teaching, research and leadership. As scientists and mathematicians, we – through our hands, minds, research and teaching – are the strands that form an international, interconnected web of knowledge and capability. This web defines the most advanced understanding of the workings of the world that humanity has uncovered, to date. The farther the web reaches around the globe, the wider the span of enlightenment, and the greater the chance of human well-being and fulfillment.

The teacher-student-staff partnership, realized in the jewels that are the U.S. research universities such as Georgia Tech, ensures the development over time of new strands that sustain, strengthen and refine the web. This partnership serves Georgia, the Nation and the world by driving advances in medicine, technology, computing and more, and also by simply lifting up the human spirit through the beauty of science and mathematics.

Fundamental to the enterprise of enriching the web of science and mathematics is the inclusion of excellence: the participation of the greatest talent, regardless of the quirks of history and geography. We in the Georgia Tech College of Sciences regard ourselves as immensely fortunate to be strands of this web. We are ourselves drawn from across the globe, and we are unreservedly committed to welcoming, embracing and supporting people who come to us with a passion for science and mathematics, regardless of origin.

As we grapple with the challenges and uncertainties stemming from the U.S. Administration’s recent executive order I ask that we each do our best to steady our community and beyond by reaching out and offering encouragement through word and deed to anyone among us – or anyone else – who may be in need.  We shall all be greater for it.

Paul M. Goldbart, Dean
Betsy Middleton and John Clark Sutherland Chair
College of Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology
January 31, 2017


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