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Activation Army was launched to match volunteers with specific skill sets with grassroots organizations seeking such skill sets. They are also looking for writers, educators, and storytellers who would like to contribute to the blog.

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From their website:

"We live in  a time of great opportunity and rapid change, both through progressive advancement in technology and social norms. Whereas many people are in the midst of pushing such change forward because we see the creative and humanitarian benefits, we sometimes forget that these changes can and have caused people to feel confused, scared, lost, left behind, and ultimately upset.

This has left our country divided and created tensions that not only risk putting the breaks on  progressive movements but also puts our democracy and safety at risk as well.

There are several well-established and well-funded groups working to protect the progressive gains that have been made over the years. However, since the 2016 election, it has become obvious to many that we need more grassroots organizations working on a local level to safeguard our individual and collective rights as well as to improve dialog between people who are experiencing two different worlds at the moment. As more and more people are asking the questions “what more can I do?”  “what power do I have beyond my vote?” and “where do we go from here?” it has become obvious to me that there is a need to increase civic education, help grassroots movements organize efficiently and communicate effectively, and filter out hyperbolic or fake news stories and tell the real stories of how policy affects our daily lives and the world we live in.

With this in mind, Activation Army was launched to match volunteers with specific skill sets with grassroots organizations seeking such skill sets.

The goal is to focus on how to make progress work for everyone."

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