Spin Coherence of Rubidium Atoms in Solid Parahydrogen

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School of Physics Hard Condensed Matter Seminar: Prof. Jonathan Weinstein, University of Nevada Reno

Gas-phase atoms and molecules are powerful resources for many applications: sensors, quantum simulators, and fundamental physics experiments. By implanting atoms in a solid host, one can achieve higher numbers, higher densities, and superb localization, but typically at a great cost: the properties of the implanted atoms are altered to an extent that they are no longer experimentally useful. Notable exceptions to this rule are NV centers in diamond, rare-earth-ion doped crystals, phosphorus donors in silicon, and atoms in solid and superfluid helium.

We are investigating solid hydrogen as another promising host matrix. We grow parahydrogen crystals doped with rubidium atoms and optically pump and detect the rubidium's spin state. The observed spin coherence is already competitive with the best systems in the world. Possible applications will be discussed, and audience speculation will be solicited.


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