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Principles of Motor Control

Hillel Chiel, Ph.D.
Department of Biology, Neurosciences & BME
Carse Western Reserve University

How does the nervous system control behavior? To answer this question requires an understanding of neural circuitry, biomechanics, and behavior. To address this question, we have studied an experimentally tractable experimental system, feeding behavior in the marine mollusk Aplysia californica. The results of our studies have provided insights into mutlifunctionality at the levels of both neurons and muscles, the importance of neuromodulation for the control of behavior, the neural dynamics that allow both noise and sensory feedback to enhance motor control, and how sensory feedback can shape motor variability to enhance behavior. We have also begun exploring novel technology to make it possible to monitor and manipulate the nervous system as a way of improving our understanding of neural dynamics.

This presentation can be seen via videoconference on the Emory Campus HSRB E160


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