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With the semester coming to a close, it’s important to step up your studying routine to make sure you’re prepared for final exams.

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Keep in mind a few tips that will help you fly through finals week and land in winter break with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. For more study tips and ideas, see this list from the Office of Undergradutae Education

  1. Organize your studying. Plan time to review for each course, focusing on more challenging courses first. If you go into studying with no goals, you may end up wasting time and energy.
  2. Use the 50-10 rule. Study for 50 minutes of every hour, and keep the last 10 minutes to clear your mind. During your break, try watching a funny YouTube video, treating yourself to an iced coffee, or listening to a favorite song. Also check out the Midnight Breakfast hosted by the Student Center Programs Council from 7 p.m. – 12 a.m. on Dec. 12 in the Student Center Food Court. 
  3. Try studying with a group. Studying with others can provide encouragement and help you understand the concepts; however, avoid unproductive review sessions by choosing your peers wisely. 
  4. Finish the problem before looking at the answer. Many professors give out practice exams that can be very beneficial in preparing for the final. Remember to finish the exam to the best of your ability before checking the answer key. If you’re looking at the answers while completing the test, you may have a false sense of readiness for the exam.
  5. Stay focused. It’s easy to procrastinate by clicking through Facebook or checking Instagram. Try to concentrate while studying. If you’re paying attention, you’ll be able to learn the material faster and will be better prepared for the final.
  6. Don’t forget about your health. Stay hydrated. While studying, it is easy to forget about drinking enough water. Remember to keep your water bottle close and refill it frequently. Fuel your body with healthy snacks and remember to sleep!
  7. Stay positive. Learning an entire semester of material in a night is not possible, so be confident in yourself and review as much as you can, while also knowing when it’s time to just go to sleep. Persist and maintain a good attitude as you go into finals.
  8. Safety is key. Remain cautious during finals week by taking advantage of the extended transportation services and following standard safety procedures. Final exams cause many students to focus solely on their studies, but safety should remain a priority. 
  9. Take note of a new transportation option and the adjusted transportation schedules. If you’re at the library between 6 p.m. – 2 a.m., take advantage of Gotcha Rides provided by the Georgia Tech Police Department. From Dec. 5 – 16, Officers will offer transportation from the library to east and west campus.

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