Video games where people matter? The strange future of emotional AI

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The Guardian talks about Mark Riedl, an associate professor at Georgia Tech and director of the university’s Entertainment Intelligence Lab. He’s currently working on a project named Quixote, an AI system designed to make it easier for non-specialist programmers to create intelligent ‘virtual agents’. Quixote allows AI agents to learn social rules and behaviours through reading stories sourced online; right now Riedl uses Amazon’s online crowdsourcing marketplace Mechanical Turk to commission people to write short stories around set themes. To demonstrate the concept, Riedl developed a game called Robbery World in which an AI agent has to rob a bank: it studies a series of bank robbery stories submitted on Mechanical Turk; learns the common elements (travel to bank, go to counter, pull out gun, demand cash) and is then rewarded for carrying out any action that advances the plot.

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