The Future of Life: Here on Earth and Elsewhere

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With robust aerospace, chemical evolution, and planetary science programs, and with four authors of NASA’s astrobiology roadmap as faculty, Georgia Tech is a thought leader in origins of life science. The College of Science and College of Engineering’s contributions to space exploration and astrobiology research have spanned decades. Together with contributions from the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, the Institute is well poised to frame broad discussions of astrobiology and its cultural relevance that will shape societal decision making and inspire future research. To that end, Georgia Tech will host a two-day series of conversations and scholarly workshops designed to connect scientists and liberal arts scholars from across the campus, city, and country with the stirring possibilities and consequences of humanity’s shared endeavor to understand its origins, its station, and its future.

9:15: 'The Origin of Biochemistry,' Professor Nick Hud, Chemistry, Georgia Tech
9:45: 'Multicellularity,' Professor Frank Rosenzweig, Biology, Georgia Tech
10:15: 'Habitability of Worlds and the Discovery of Water on Mars,' Assistant Professor James Wray, Earth and Atmospheric Science, Georgia Tech
10:45: 'Engineering Perspectives on the Origin of Life,' Professor Martha Grover, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Georgia Tech
11:15: 'Design of Machines and Craft that Search for Life,' Assistant Professor Amanda Stockton, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Georgia Tech
12:00: Lunch and Discussion
1:15: 'Rethinking Big Narratives,' Professor Kenneth J. Knoespel, Literature, Media and Communications, History and Sociology, Architecture, Georgia Tech
1:45: 'The Other Worlds of Science Fiction,' Lisa Yaszek, Literature, Media, and Communication, Georgia Tech
2:15: 'Security and the Exploration of Space,' Associate Professor Margaret E. Kosal, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Tech
2:45: 'The Matter of Religion,' Associate Professor Derek Malone France, Philosophy and of Religion at the George Washington University
3:15: 'The Human Economies of Space,' Associate Professor Usha Nair-Reichart, Economics, Georgia Tech
3:45: Closing discussion and projection of future meetings

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