Avoid Common Career Fair Mistakes

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With the Career Fair coming up, C2D2 advisor Dennis Lindsay offers tips on how to be successful.

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It’s peak recruiting season. With the Georgia Tech Career Fair coming up Sept. 12–13, there are many opportunities to land a job or internship.

How can students stand out and impress the recruiters? Career Development Advisor Dennis Lindsay offers some tips to avoid the most common career fair mistakes.

Research companies. “When you show knowledge of the company and express interest, the recruiter is assured that your interest is genuine,” said Lindsay. “If you get to the Career Fair and see a company that you’re interested in but you didn’t research beforehand, step aside and use your smartphone to quickly research the basics.”

Be professional. Although this may seem obvious enough, professionalism is more than just attire. “Recruiters need to see students as young professionals, not as college students,” said Lindsay. Avoid clumping in groups with your friends, and resist the urge to grab all of the free items. “Students are attracted to the freebies, but it is not professional to trudge through with a bag full of stuff.”


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